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After few hours of working on the website, i manage to make it fit my needs. It's a new Minecraft servers list (out for 1 day) and yeah, there isn't really much to say:
- UI -> Most pages got some custom work on them to look nicer and more user-friendly
- Copy IP -> User can copy IP with one click (it also display message when IP is copied)
- Fixed banner -> Before it wasn't working so user couldn't see changes
- Description preview -> User can now preview description (how it will look in description area (when editing and submitting server)
- Description Toolbar -> Users can now insert BB Code with click of button
- Description in Server Banner -> Description will appear in banner after user submit server
- Text breaking -> When text randomly breaks in different areas of website

There are two things that i miss from this servers list: tags and search bar. Tags are needed so users can see what type of server they're looking at. So it would be nice if it gets included in next version. Probably i'll just put some work into it and add them by myself.
Another thing i need to say is, i'm really amazed on how much effort developer (or developers) put into this server list, but i'm also disappointed that they haven't added more functions to it. I have purchased this list 1 year ago and 1 year later nothing new was added (or at least i haven't noticed other than fixes of problems). And they should give users options to edit some things (like banners, colors,...). If anyone is wondering it probably took me around 5 hours to complete all changes.
Feel free to submit Minecraft servers on it. And developer (or developers) keep up good work :)

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